My name is Norma S. Pace

Being from a country so rich in culture, Mexico, has fostered my curiousity in other cultures. Since traveling around the world requieres a lot of money, or a super cool job I don’t know about, I’m doing the best next thing I can think of: attending ethnic festivals in my area, the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

Watching dancers performing on a stage, wearing colorful costumes, moving with intent, and boast a smile on their faces, fills my heart with happiness.  Seeing their pride to share the culture of theis country is priceless.

Admiring or participating in their rituals is really enlightening. How a certain tradition is so important in both their daily lives and the special events in their lives.

And then, trying the incredible delicacies they offer! Life can’t get any better. 🙂

(I still have to try scorpion on a stick one of these days…)