Shopping near Machu Picchu

If you decided to stay out of the rain and went shopping at The Shops at Willow Bend this past weekend, you probably stumbled upon a giant picture of Machu Picchu, Peru, and saw a crowd gathered just outside the Neiman Marcus store:


I hope you stayed around to see what all the fuss was about. The three different regions of Peru: the coastal region (11.6% of Peru), that is bounded by the Pacific Ocean; the highlands (28.1% of Peru), that is located on the Andean Heights, and the jungle, that is located on the Amazonian Jungle (Climate of Peru), were beautifully represented through unique dance performances! Here are some pictures to show you:

The Adriana Burga Academia, presented two elegant dances. One of them was ‘Marinera Norteña’ (video here), from the coastal region. I must say, the facial expressions and the flirtatious moves made these dances very enjoyable.

Estampas del Perú-DFW presented traditional dances from all three regions of Peru.

And Corazones Peruanos performed two Peruvian dances. La Anaconda (from the jungle) and Huaylarsh (from the Andes).

Before and after the performances, Tineo Peruvian Cafe, located in Richardson,  provided samples of typical Peruvian dishes, like Empanadas (filled with spinach, beef, or chicken), Cancha (roasted kernels), Alfajores (cookies), and Chicha morada (purple corn drink).

The mall was not the typical location for a ‘festival’ but I was pleasantly surprised by how well organized it was and by the quality of the entertainment, the food samples and the free pictures!



Me and my dear friend Martha







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