Honduras by the Lake

This past Sunday,  the Association of United Hondurans of Dallas organized the Celebración Fiestas Patrias at Bachman Lake in Dallas.


According to the General Consul of Honduras in Dallas, Ms. Gloria Alvarado de Posadas, the rain kept many people from the Honduran community away from the event, which has taken place at this venue for two years.

Profits from this event are sent to El Hogar de la Esperanza, in Choluteca, Honduras, a shelter for adults that offers housing, garments, food, spiritual support, and counseling.

The Latin music in the background and the piñata-braking activity set the ambience for a family friendly celebration. There was a table with prizes for the kids who participated hitting the piñata and a both with souvenirs from Honduras.

You could also find a vendor offering delicious traditional treats from Honduras, and let me tell you, those plantains chips with green salsa made it home and didn’t last too long!


And last but not least, the food options were fried pork, beans, or cheese Pupusas (which are originally from El Salvador but, as the cook said, “we borrowed them and made our own version”), as well as traditional Honduran tamales in banana leaves.

If you don’t want to wait until next year to enjoy these yummy dishes, visit the Restaurante La Salvadoreña in the McKinney area. You’ll be happy you did. 🙂







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