Raining in Japan

The pouring rain that came down during the Japanese Fall Festival did not stop this festival-goers from showing up at this event in North Dallas! Tents and umbrellas were the most valuable items here, and everyone was under one… unless you were wearing a plastic bag or chose to get wet!

There were plenty of activities available for kids and adults, like catching water balloons with a hook to get a toy, fishing for goldfish (which you got to keep) with a tiny paper net, choosing anime items for your collection, and more!

A group of about 30 dedicated boys and girls were entertaining an audience with Japanese songs under the heavy rain! Parents and visitors were enjoying the performance under a tent, but as soon as the kids stopped singing the third of the five songs they had scheduled, parents rushed to them with umbrellas and towels. The kiddos were all wet, but proud to have shown their talent.

Now, my favorite part of the festival, the food:

I was not disappointed by the variety of food that was available! The lines were long for some vendors, so I knew I had to try their offerings. The options included Takoyaki (no, they are not Japanese tacos, as I first thought, these are ball-shaped batter filled with octopus [tako]), Unadon (“eel bowl,” which is grilled eel over rice), and for dessert Anmitsu (a clear jelly, topped with fruit and ice cream).


And to help it all go down, you have to get a Ramune (or ‘marble soda’), a sprite-like soft-drink sealed with a marble. To open the bottle, a device to push the marble inward is provided. The marble is pushed inside the neck of the bottle where it rattles around while drinking.


Rainy or not, all of us had a fun time. But I’ll be looking forward to a sunny festival next year!





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