Fiestas from Chile

This sold out event, organized by the Chilean Association Network, headed by Caro Selvidge, took place at the club house of a North Dallas gated community. Attendants were seated on tables around the pool, where servers would come by and deliver food items for them to enjoy. And even though it was a very hot day, only a few people were brave enough to get in the water.



About 50 of the estimated 1,700 Chileans that live in Dallas (according to the Chilean American Foundation), were at this event celebrating Chile’s Independence Day; among them was the Honorary Consul of Chile, Mr. Horacio Marull.

The mood was set by traditional Chilean music, but the typical dance, cueca (video here), was not on the schedule. The food, on the other hand, was a beautiful culinary experience. I didn’t get to taste it this time, but when I asked the guests, they confirmed it was the real deal.

First on the menu, empanada chilena y arrollado de chancho (huaso):

Then they served tomato salad and, for dessert, brazo de reina (queen’s arm):

And last but not least, they offered mote con huesillo, a summer-time, non-alcoholic drink made from wheat and peaches.

Ms. Selvidge shared with me that, because of the size of the location, she had to turn down several requests for attendance. For next year’s celebration, I hope to be one of those enjoying this delicious food… at a bigger venue. 🙂





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